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unfortunately, the flamers have co-opted the conversation. You pretty much have to go to a moderated discussion group to have an intelligent discussion on feminism.

In some MUDs, a behavior called net.sleazing takes place. Net.sleazing is going around a MUD and soliciting "tinysex," or onscreen sex talk. Extreme sleazes have been known to save these conversations to text files and post them to USENET.

In general, Netiquette frowns on these behaviors. But keep in mind that there are discussion groups, MUDs, and MOOs for every proclivity. Try to be aware of where you are in cyberspace; it may be a place where you don't like the conventions. If that's the case, just leave.

However, harassment is not appropriate in most areas of cyberspace. If you experience it, you have pretty much the same options that you have when you're subjected to a gross-out flame:

Pornography in cyberspace

Like the real world, the virtual world contains pornography. And, like real-world etiquette, Netiquette takes no position on pornography's existence.

However, Netiquette recognizes that some people are deeply offended and upset by material that others enjoy. Therefore, those who enjoy

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