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  • Requests for the FAQ. These can usually be obtained from a "LISTSERV" address as well.
  • Answers to basic or stupid questions. If you feel charitable enough to send an answer, send it by email directly to the asker; don't burden the entire readership with it. This goes for any question you think will get a lot of identical responses.

Q. How do I handle it when new or careless users waste our time by sending test messages or requests to be added to the list to the discussion group?

First, assume that they are new, not careless -- that they simply don't know any better. Then, politely and sympathetically inform them of their error by email. Don't post your correction to the group. Say something like, "You must not have realized that there is a newsgroup just for test messages. If you use it, you won't interrupt the readers of" or "FYI, here's how to sign up for a mailing list. This way, only the system administrator gets your request -- not everyone on the list. Welcome to the group!" Be friendly about it.

As a rule, don't post this note to the discussion group -- that's usually a prescription for a really stupid flame war. If several people post inappropriate messages within a few days, it may be a sign that a fresh boatload of newbies has arrived in your area. In that case, go ahead and post an explanation of proper posting behavior -- but again, say it nicely.

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